Hi there – I’m Sarah and I started this site to share information about how to make profit from matched betting.

The idea behind matched betting is a simple one – you take advantage of free bets and bonuses offered by the bookmakers to make guaranteed, risk free profits.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the matched betting site Profit Accumulator (you can read my Profit Accumulator review here) as it taught me the matched betting ropes and helps me make around £500 a month (many people make A LOT more, up to around £2k).

With the right knowledge and tools, such as a matched betting calculator and odds matching software, plus a bit of time, anyone can make risk free profit from the process, since matched betting is based on a mathematical formula, rather than pure chance or a gut instinct.

I don’t consider myself a gambler, as it’s not something I’ve ever technically done (apart from a brief 50p bet on a horse called Black Beauty as child, which I’m sure won but I never saw the profits from!), nor do I intend to start now.

Where money is concerned, I don’t like to leave things to chance or invest time in financial ventures that contain too high an element of risk (I think it’s the Virgo in me!)

So when I stumbled upon matched betting I was intrigued by the concept of it being totally risk free. I’d just left my job and whilst I took a bit of time off, to look at my options, I wanted to ensure I had some form of regular income, so I didn’t have to rely totally on my savings, as I set up my own ventures.

Matched betting, starting a blog and setting up affiliate sites, such as footballtailgatechairs.com have all helped me achieve this.

I knew absolutely zero about matched betting at the time though and since it can be very time consuming and quite complex to do accurately on your own (plus I wouldn’t call myself a natural mathematician), I was very wary of going this route.

As I mentioned earlier on, for me, it was Profit Accumulator that worked wonders and got me on the road to making profits within a day. Yes, a day!

For a minimal monthly, or annual fee, Profit Accumulator show you the ropes, find you the offers and guide you through the whole process.

If you are new to matched betting (and even if you are not) I would thoroughly recommend checking them out, even if you just take advantage of their FREE Trial.

Many people are making up to £2k a month through the Profit Accumulator offers, odds matching software and step by step tutorials included on the site. If you haven’t already done so, you ca read my honest Profit Accumulator review here.

You can of course do it for free and many people do, so I’ve also included details on this site on where to find tools to help you do matched betting yourself.

I wish you much profit!